Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law includes a multitude of injuries all characterized as being a victim due to the action or lack of action of another.  These types of cases include motor vehicle accidents, slip-and-fall, products liability and premises liability.

We guide and assist our clients through the process of obtaining repairs for damaged vehicles or other property, locating medical opinions and treatment for your injuries, and finally obtaining proper financial recovery for your permanent injuries.

There are many questions that clients have in these types of matters: What am I supposed to do for transportation while my car is being repaired?  What type of medical assistance do I need? How much is my case worth?  How long will it take for me to get paid for my injuries?

The answer to each of these questions depends on the specifics of your case.  Contact us today to schedule
a free consultation and evaluation of your claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

Personal injury cases in Florida can vary in length from just a few weeks to many years. A thorough analysis of your injuries, as well as available sources of recovery needs to be made before your matter is resolved.

In Florida, personal injury cases are typically handled by attorneys on a contingency basis. That generally means that you do not pay anything until the attorney obtains money for you. A percentage is deducted from your monetary award, along with any costs incurred in the processing of your case.

Although Court is always a possibility that you have to be prepared for, the reality is that most personal injury cases are resolved without the need of going to Court. If there is an insurance company involved, and they agree to pay an acceptable amount before filing a lawsuit in Court, your case may be resolved without the need of going to Court.

The need for a personal injury attorney typically escalates with the severity of your injury. As medical bills rise and the amount of interaction with an insurance company increases, you may not have the time or understanding of the process that is necessary to obtain the appropriate amount of damages for your claim. Although you do not have to have an attorney, it is advisable to have an attorney evaluate your claim when you face questions that you can not answer.

Yes. It is in your best interest for you to keep in contact with your attorney regarding the status of your case. Any changes in your medical treatment and your contact information should immediately be reported to your attorney. Your personal injury attorney should be available to talk with you regarding the status of your case.